Civil Cases

It involves following services namely:

Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues etc.

Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements;

Suit for partition of movable or immovable properties;

Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions;

Suit for declaration;Petitions under child and wards act,

guardianship act..etcPetition for custody of children, wards, appointments of gradians etc.

Petition for obtaining probate/letter of administration / succession certificate;

Suits under Hindu succession and Indian Succession Act;

Petition related to election disputes;

Accident Claims before MACTRecovery of Debts Due to financial institutions before DRTs.

Petitions before CAT under Service Laws,.

Petitions before SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals etc;

Writs petitions before High Courts and Supreme Courts;Revision, Review, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc.

Any other petitions permissible by code of civil procedure, 1908